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Refrigerated Goods

Shelf Life Extention

Published on14.7.2019

The new ingredients that will help extend your products' shelf life, with no E-numbers and friendly declarations.



Published on 07.07.2019

New product range- Hydrolysates from different sources which help increase protein levels.


The Food Labelling Reform is Here

Published on 10.06.2019

Formally, the new food labelling reform is due to start only in January 2020, but some of the major food producers in Israel have already started implementing the new regulations.

Fresh Cow Milk

New Ingredients for the Dairy Industry

Published on 24.10.2018

We at Universal Network always aspire to deliver the most innovative solutions that will suit your products in the best possible way. Find out our latest solutions for the dairy industry.

Bowl of Rice

Have a Rice Day!

Published on 12.08.2018

Meet Herba Ingredients- a rice flour producer with a vast product portfolio.


CEAMSA- a World Leader Producer of Hydrocolloids

Published on 19.06.2018

CEAMSA is a world leader producer of carrageenan, pectin, alginate, citrus fibre & LBG. The company specializes in helping the customers reach their desired

Watch the video in the link below to see what the company can do for you.

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