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The ingredients offered by Universal Network are manufactured by the world's leading producers in their fields. 
Our product basket consists of products that are complementary and enable us to offer a relatively complete 
ingredient-solution to our customers. 
For specific information about any Principal, please click the logo.



Founded in 1967 Compania Espanola de Algas Marinas S.A., CEAMSA, manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of high quality Carrageenan products, HM pectin, specialty hydrocolloid blends and refined Locust Bean Gum to the global food industry.


Rosenberg Germany – produces non-soluble dietary fibers under the brand name "VITACEL"- These include fibers from Wheat, Oat, Bamboo, Apple and Orange. In addition, JRS produces Cellulose fibers from fibrous plant materials, which are Kosher for Passover all year round. The company also produces MCC, MCG, HPMC and MC for stabilizing and texture.


Palsgaard Industrier is one of the world leading producers of emulsifiers and stabilizing systems for the food industry. Their products include PGPR, mono-di glycerides and others.


Thermo treated flours from Rice, Maize and Pulses.


Experts in sweet brown extracts and flavours. Their portfolio includes vanilla, cocoa, coffee, caramel and a broad palette of gourmet notes. 


מייצרת מגוון חומרי גלם חדשניים. חומרי גלם טבעיים להארכת חיי מדף של כל סוגי המזון, הידרוליזטים של חלבונים ועוד חומרי גלם יחודיים.


World leading producer of Tara gum.

Herba Ingredients.png
Herba Ingredients

Herba Ingredients is the allergen free ingredients division of the Ebro Group, a global leading food manufacturer in the rice & pasta industry.

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Seaweed & Co.

Seaweed & Co. produces organic seaweed powders. Their core product, Organic Hebridean Ascophyllum, is 100% natural, sustainable and wild harvested from pristine waters to ensure high quality.  This pure Scottish seaweed is harvested, dried and then milled using the company's International Patent Pending technologies.

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